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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Female bonding

So, during my planning period today I made one of my (frequent) bathroom stops, and decided to use the not-so-nice staff bathroom (scary mustard-colored walls, two tiny stalls, door positioned in such a way as to ensure that we lose at least a couple teachers each year in bathroom-door-related incidents) rather than the nice staff bathroom (roomy stalls, bright walls, little lotions and occasionally chocolates set out) because it was closer.

I had just entered my stall and commenced the business for which one requires a bathroom, when there came a pitiful voice from the next-door stall. "Can you please hand me some paper?" "Of course," I said, being a generous soul, and reached for some . . .

. . . and my TP dispenser was empty too.

The horror, the horror!

A moment of consternation and then fits of uncontrollable giggles ensued. I won't burden you with the details; but as we left, still laughing, we said to each other, "I feel so close to you now!" Nothing like adversity to bring people together.


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