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Monday, April 18, 2005

It gives me a good excuse to practice breathing techniques?

I'm considering renaming this blog The Leg Cramp.

Maybe it's good for my husband to be awakened every few nights by a moaning, writhing wife inexplicably flailing her left leg? Preparation for when I go into labor, perhaps? Though his general reaction (and talent for deep sleep) does suggest the possibility of the following scenario:

Me: Moan, writhe!!
Him (blurrily): Are you OK?
Me: No, I'm in labor!
Him (between snores): Oh, I'm sorry, honey. (Snuggles me closer and goes back to sleep on my shoulder.)

On a side note, today is our third ultrasound and my gestational diabetes test day. About 30 minutes before our appointment, I have to drink a bright red substance that seems to consist of 99% corn syrup and 1% red food coloring, so the doctors can see how my body is handling sugars. I have been paranoid about forgetting to drink the loathsome substance for weeks now; last night, I set it right in front of our door so we'd trip over it when we left this morning if we otherwise forgot it. Now it's happily cooling itself in the freezer at work, and I have a large sticky note on my desk that says, "Red Goo!" What really worries me about the drink is that the instructions say, "This drink is better tolerated if served over ice." I don't know why this bothers me . . . maybe it's the frank admission on the part of the medical folk, who are notable for being able to say with a straight face, "This won't hurt," that their sugar drink is disgusting. I can't think why ice would make it more tolerable than just serving it cold . . . perhaps the comforting familiarity of little ice cubes bobbing in the sea of flourescent red is supposed to distract one from the painful reality of having to choke it down. Couldn't they just come up with an equivalent, say, "Drink 14 chocolate milkshakes in a half hour"?


At 8:36 PM, Blogger Neb said...

How was the red drink? Nice or nasty? Doesn't it seem like they'd be able to measure the amount of sugar in iced tea or something a bit more normal/palatable to do their little Experiement?

Hope you survived (and will wait patiently through the night, looking for the new ultrasound pictres on Squidglelet's website),

Love, Neb


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