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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Opposites attracting

Those of you who know my husband, or me, or both of us, no doubt already understand that, in our relationship, my husband is the Analytical one and I am the Intuitive one. This can lead to some amusing marital communication, especially early in the mornings and late at night, when my husband is at his most pedantic and I, for some reason, turn whimsical. Take this morning's conversation on our way into work. He referred to the Congo as "Zaire." I said, "You know you're from Africa when you call a country by one of its former names." He started listing others, including the former Rhodesia, Zimbabwe.

Me: "So, does that mean Rhodesian Ridgebacks should be called Zimbabwean Ridgebacks now?"

*note the whimsy*

Him: "No, they were bred by colonialists, so it makes sense for them to keep the colonial name."

*note the pedanticism*

Me: "But what if using the colonial name offends me? What if it raises painful associations of domination?"

*REALLY pushing it with the whimsy*

A slight pause. I pat his cheek and say, "You're really handling my whimsy awfully well this morning."

More pause. Then,

Him: "It doesn't make sense to just ignore a whole part of a country's history. Colonialism was a major part of . . ."

I don't think he could have let it slide even if he had tried. He's so cute.


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