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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Wednesday, Wednesday

My thought for the day: it's HARD to find comfortable non-back sleep positions (because back-sleeping is badbadbad, apparently, for mommy and baby) now that certain bits of me are *ahem* larger! Not to mention arms, which get crunkled uncomfortably and keep one awake with tingling. And tummy sleeping is basically out of the question at this point. I'm just crabby because I woke up to make my compressed bladder happy around 4:45, and then couldn't find a comfortable sleep position again until nearly 6, which is when my alarm goes off. In revenge, I hit the snooze until 6:40, and we had to rush around like mad headless chickens to get out semi-on time. As a lifelong back-sleeper, with occasional forays onto the tummy, I am NOT transitioning easily into side-sleeping. My main sleep position these days is sort of a cheat between back and side, usually propped up against C. C. makes a very good body pillow. Speaking of which, he asked me the other night when I would be getting another pillow. Me: "?" Him: "Well, you had one pillow during the first trimester, and two for the second, so I just figured that, now that you're in the third . . . " Ya know, he has a point. Mmmm, pillows. And chocolate milkshakes.

In other news, happy birthday to me! Squidgle's mama is officially (once again) older than his/her daddy. haHA! In the immortal words of Jerry Lee Lewis, which believe me C. hears a lot, "Take 'em fresh from their mama's side, and keep 'em true."

In still other news, I have most of the plot of Hamlet illustrated on my classroom's whiteboard with stick figures. This is the result of trying to explain all the family relationships to my English 12 first semester repeat class . . . and I'm quite proud of my artwork, if I do say so. (Hamlet's daddy is a dead stick figure, which you can tell because a) he's horizontal, and b) he has little X's for eyes.) Claudius and Gertrude have little stick figure crowns. I tried a similar exercise recently with John Donne's Holy Sonnet Number 1 ("Thou Hast Made Me, and Shall Thy Work Decay?"), which wound up having a stick figure Donne with sin attached to his ankle and the wings of grace attached to his back, running (you could tell he was running because of the little wavy lines behind him) towards Death (a Grim Reaper stick figure), while all his pleasures (smiley faces) were far behind and his troubles (sad smileys) hard on his heels. Little hellfire flames lurked beneath him. God was a large magnet drawing his iron heart (a little colored-in heart on the stick figure's chest) upwards. It worked, if I do say so, rather well.

Anyway, I shall leave the illustrated Hamlet up for student admiration. Their report cards come out on Monday, so they'd better be effusive in their praise.


At 12:56 AM, Anonymous genevieve said...

love the idea. Sounds like my type of teaching. by the way in korea they call the stick figures zolaman and get very excited when people draw them. so if you are looking for a bit of the exotic to go with your artistry...

At 12:58 AM, Anonymous genevieve said...

ps. I think the bard would well approve. and john donne. question is are you going to try it with the leech-gatherer by wordsworth? or by lewis carol?


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