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Monday, May 09, 2005

Don't drink the water

Happy Monday!

Our big news from the weekend is that our dear friends Chris and Sarah are procreating! I am so excited. Lots of people from my work are having babies (most due in July), but this is our first instance of Close (both relationally and geographically) Friend Reproduction, and we couldn't be more thrilled. Now I will have someone to nurse babies with and (hopefully) work off baby-related fat with (or at least commiserate with in the reducing of said fat). My husband will have someone to compare Poop Stories with (and run up mountains with, baby on arm). And our Squidgle will have a little friend whose parents we like to hang out with.

See? I am so selfish. Of course, we are happy from their perspective too ... Happy babies! However, Chris and Sarah are probably going to put a restraining order on my prayers for them one of these days ... I keep getting my wishes and THEY keep having to put up with the consequences. Note:
* They're moving to our town. Me: Yay! Them: They don't get to live near her folks, as they had hoped.
* They're pregnant. Me: Yay! Them: Guess who has to deal with the Bone-Melting Nausea? Poor Sarah.

Well, I'll try and make it up to them with lots of unasked-for advice and the passing on of tiny baby clothes and huge mama clothes as necessary. Their small person is due on Christmas Eve, about five months after the Squid, which places them neatly in line for hand-me-downs.

Please join us in rejoicing about this new little life, and praying for a smooth pregnancy, easy delivery, and healthy baby for Chris and Sarah. And that the Bone-Melting Nausea will go away soon.

In other news: Our new living room is having an amazing effect on us. All of a sudden, I can't stand to have two dirty dishes in the sink. We mowed the lawn only two weeks after the last mow! Clothes on the bedroom floor? Not so much! We--and the rest of Chez Waddle*--must live up to our shiny new living room.

One more, completely unrelated thing: studies prove that whenever Ashlee holds a high note, the Earth's crust cracks, gas prices soar, and a kitten explodes. I just really like that sentence.

* I have a feeling that I'm borrowing from Belgian Waffle with this house name, though I'm not positive ... Has "Chez Waffle" lodged unconsciously in my brain? Probably. In any case, I'm an English teacher, so I feel compelled to cite my sources, real or imagined.


At 3:51 PM, Blogger Neb said...

Congratulations to Sarah and Chris!!

I don't think I'd mind drinking some of your local water.

~Neb :-)

At 2:25 PM, Anonymous Sarah said...

I am truly glad that you are so excited by our impending arrival. I am glad to have you around to give me "been there done that" advice. Anyway, you should keep praying for us, because good things keep happening...maybe something about a house...and the school year being over!!!!


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