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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Three-day weekend Tuesday: the OTHER Monday

Happy post-Memorial Day!

What a wonderful three-day weekend. We left for D.C. on Friday, so that we could hit the museums bright and early on Saturday. Smithsonian thoughts:

* The Hope Diamond is way more beautiful in person than in pictures. A gorgeous smoky nighttime ocean blue.
* Snakes have a LOT of ribs.
* The history of polio is rather fascinating. (We went to the museums of Natural History and American History, just in case you were wondering.)
* More museums should be free.
* If I can help it, I don't think I will ever go on a walking tour of Smithsonian museums at seven and a half months pregnant again. WADDLE.

We had lunch at an Ethiopian restaurant. Delicious. I even left some food for my companions.

A Midsummer Night's Dream was fabulous as well. Very well-played. My favorite part of that play is, increasingly, the Pyramus and Thisbe play-within-the-play at the end, and I always look forward to finding the standout Rude Mechanical, the Rude Mechanical that makes me want to pick him up and give him hugs. I think Wall had it this time. He was played as a rather dry Iowa farmer-type, and he took his chink-miming very seriously and broke into the biggest grin as he finished his part.

We came home Sunday afternoon, which meant that we had yesterday to sleep in, go for a walk at a local nature preserve, give our houselet a spit polish, mow the lawn, and snuggle. We also did a final baby-shop at Wal-mart, and now I would say we're pretty much good to go on this whole baby thing. Except for a breast pump. And this. I mean, we don't really need it ... we have a Baby Bjorn and arms, after all ... but lured me in with promises of a "beautifully made, stylish sling carrier," and now I am in love. I think it's the black and white toile.

Now for the perineal update you've all been waiting for: We're up to 5 centimeters! My goal is 10 ... if my cervix has to stretch to such horrifyingly huge dimensions, other things should as well. Plus, it gives me a chance to practice pain management techniques. And it gives the Husbandlet practice at getting me to relax and detach my fingernails from his flesh. How well-prepared for birth we shall be!


At 2:13 PM, Blogger Jordana said...

Neb, you may not buy us a $55 sling! Don't even think about it!

We love you! :)

At 2:32 PM, Anonymous That Other Jordana said...

Slings are wonderful, wonderful things. We have a Bjorn, a backpack and 2 slings. I love baby carrying devices. That sling is really, really pretty. My favorite is the Mayawrap, because it is very adjustable, but I admit that it does give me a certain extra hippy look, especially when I carry the baby in it and wear Birkenstocks. But comfort over fashion really is usually fine with me.

At 8:08 AM, Anonymous yraM said...

Jazz, I'm still planning on mailing you our Maya if you want to borrow it. Not saying your new love isn't grand, just letting you know I haven't forgotten and don't mind. Will try to send you a real email soon. This is too easy though. ;p

At 10:32 AM, Blogger Neb said...

Actually, I was thinking of getting you this as months and months ago we had a conversation and you said something about a "star" to put your infant in, and I was intrigued, having never heard of it before, and after months of searching I think I've identified it...? Am I right? Is this the star, Jordana?

Don't worry, I can't order it (now, anyway. We're broke. ;-)) (But if someone hypothetically WERE going to order it, what color would you want? Royal blue? ;-))

AH ha ha hah ah!! ;-)
The unstoppable,
Auntie Neb

At 10:33 AM, Blogger Neb said...

Okay, my html skills pretty much suck. Here's the link:

You can cut and paste.

At 11:30 AM, Blogger Jordana said...

Here's the star:

The one you found is totally cute, too, Neb!


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