The Pregnant Waddle

Pre-Pregnancy Weight Just Around the Corner (It's Trying to Run and Hide)

Tuesday, May 31, 2005


I just googled my maiden name. Who knew the Internet had so much on me? Lots of entries on me--my master's thesis listing in my grad school's library, a conference I haven't presented at yet, grad school presentation sign-ups, a brief stint as a poetry editor, last year's teaching schedule (which was briefly, and erroneously, assigned under my maiden name), my engagement, for crying out loud!--not on random people with the same first or last name. What a strange feeling. I also found out that a poem I sold last year is being used--with permission of the publishing journal, thankfully--on the cover of a church's online newsletter.

Surreal, even. I went through a couple of pages before I started getting to fan site listings for Jordana Brewster.


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