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Wednesday, May 25, 2005


(An obscure reference to Camelot and Arthur's description of how Merlin lives his life backwards.)

Well, as of yesterday, it's official: I'm moving down in the world. Instead of teaching 12th grade next year, I'll be teaching 9th grade English. Actually, the plan was not only made official yesterday, but conceived, germinated, and hatched yesterday (a series of words which will no doubt make my sciencey husband and friends cringe). Seems our rising senior class is "not too smart" (and I quote), as evidenced by the fact that we don't need all that many senior English classes next year, and the English 12 Dual Enrollment classes that I teach had the lowest registration of all. My department offered me 11th grade, about which I am unenthusiastic both because I don't care for American Romantic literature, and because the pressure is on for 11th grade English teachers because that is the grade that gets the statewide standardized test. So I volunteered to move into the 9th grade academy instead--my school segregates 9th graders from the rest of the school and forms them into teams, each team having its own set of teachers. I have taught in the academy before and enjoyed working with a team of teachers; and, to my mind, the Odyssey and Romeo and Juliet are far to be preferred to Emerson and Thoreau.

The only major downside to this--and I've been a bit too downside-oriented over the last week or so--is that I will have to create all new lesson plans over the summer. Hopefully, Squidgle will be agreeable.

I will also be taking a bit of time off in the fall--just how much has yet to be determined; see comment in previous post about twisty/turny leave option hunt--and I'm slightly terrified of picking up 6 classes that have been started off by another teacher. I did that once before with just one class, and that was the class from the very coldest level of Dante's Inferno. A rather excruciating experience. They had bonded with their previous teacher, and were horrid for me for the remaining three quarters of the year. I shall have to be especially Forceful, Assertive, and Firm when I take over from the sub in the fall. Meep.

Anyway, I've actually been more emotionally stable throughout my pregnancy than in my Before Pregnancy state ... until the last week or so. All of a sudden, all possible stresses and strains--tricky student issues, the Leave Option Hunt, parents attempting to find jobs so they can move, a new course load, guilt at not being able to stay home with Squidgle, fear that my weirdies are affecting Squidgle's emotional development in the womb and MY BABY WILL HAVE TO GO TO THERAPY because I couldn't hold it together for a lousy two more months--have descended with a mighty FWUMP on my shoulders, and my poor husbandlet has had to comfort a depressed, seven + months pregnant wife almost every evening.

Is that overreactive enough? I know it will all come right soon. God is, after all, in control. It's just the waiting-room feeling I don't like so much.


At 9:30 AM, Blogger Neb said...

Oh darling, BIG HUGS and some herbal tea. (And a few donuts.) It will all be okay! It will all be okay! Yay for (a little) time off in the fall! And Squidgle isn't more likely to need therapy than the rest of us. Oh, um, wait a second... ;-)

Love, Auntie Neb

At 3:21 PM, Anonymous husbandlet said...

Don't worry. If my wife's weirdies don't cause the need for theripists later on I'm sure daddie's herpatological tendencies (look, Sqidgle, it's a rat snake, and mommie's not anywhere near, let me show you how to handle it properly. No, bad Squdgle, take that out of your mouth.) Will do the trick. For mommy anyway. . .

At 3:28 PM, Blogger Jordana said...

Yeep. Snakes. Can we just start a mommy therapy fund right now?


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