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Monday, June 13, 2005

It happened one night

My husband is an active sleeper. That is, he is quite active even while he's asleep. Most memorably, there was a Somnolent Head-Butting Incident which he will never live down if I have anything to do with it ... I was sleeping peacefully, all unsuspecting, when he suddenly smacked his head into mine, hard. I woke up. He did it again. Me: "Stop that!" Him: "Huh?" Me: "What are you doing?" Him: "A giant bird was eating my head!"*

This sort of thing makes my nights very entertaining, especially now that I face activity from within as well.

Last night, I had a lovely case of late-pregnancy-not-quite-insomnia-but-not-falling-asleep-either. Squidgle was having some sort of rave in there. Then the Husbandlet started patting my hip very hard and fast with his fingertips. The patting began to imitate spider crawling. Me: "Stop that!" (Are you sensing a theme here?) Him: "mumble." Me: "What?" Him: "I was getting mud off my fingers!"

Then there was that moment this morning when the alarm went off and the Husbandlet poked his finger into my side as if he was hitting the snooze.

* He was rather frustrated with me the next morning, because now he'll never know if the bird succeeded in eating his head or not.


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