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Monday, June 20, 2005

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood

Well, hello, gentle readers! Again with the long silence, I know, I know, but I have been taking a couple days’ R&R following the extreme busyness of the end of school. Here is the rundown of my last few days, just so you won’t feel left out:

* Tuesday: Nothin’ as far as actual interacting with students; lots as far as packing up classroom, etc.
* Wednesday: Did the Sadistic School Scavenger Hunt, a.k.a. the check-out sheet, which involved traipsing all over the school looking for various people to sign off on various things. Much excitement. Later, there was a baby doctor trip and a celebratory end-of-school date night with the Husbandlet. We saw Batman Begins … the fight scenes made me queasy (camera work, not gore) and it wasn’t what I would call an art film, but it was a lot of fun. Plus … I mean, Liam Neeson AND Morgan Freeman? And that really cool Japanese actor who blew Tom Cruise off the screen in The Last Samurai? Where did they get this cast? (Christian Bale did a good job too, though I will always have a hard time dissociating him from Little Women.)

* end of pop-culture-related foray *

*Thursday: Spent the day in Husbandlet’s office doing work on the classes I’m taking this summer. Brief jaunts up to the high school to do a couple last-minutey things, and to the dentist.
*Friday: I am pleased to say that I did not leave the house at all. I wore a flowered sundress (extremely large) and lay in bed and ate bonbons. When the Husbandlet came home, I cracked the whip over him and made him produce a gourmet meal for me. (No, really, I worked on my laptop while in bed, and I did get up a few times during the day, mostly to get more food, and when the Husbandlet came home I (I) baked him a frozen pizza while he showered off several layers of mud. All this at 36 weeks pregnant! Aren’t you impressed?)

This weekend, we had a lovely double date with the Husbandlet’s cousin and her husband, who it turns out read this blog (hi Heather and Luke!). Heather is such a delightful person that I am trying to forgive the fact that she, at around six months pregnant, is around the same size I was at three months along. Maybe all those chocolate milkshakes weren’t such a good idea after all … Waddle!

Our big news of late is that my dear father has a Real Live job now, at the high school where I work. He will be working with non-college-bound seniors to get their resumes together, work on their interviewing skills, find them jobs in the community, and then keep in contact with their bosses to make sure they’re doing OK. He is excited, and we are thrilled! They should be out here permanently by August 1, and possibly sooner.

This Thursday, I will have gestated Squidgle for 37 weeks. As far as I’m concerned, the timer goes off this Thursday with a most emphatic ding, and I am quite open to employing any and all old wives’ tales to induce labor. I’m not expecting them to work right away, of course (the Husbandlet is quite pleased about this, due to the nature of some labor-inducing activities prescribed by old wives and confirmed by your local OB/GYN) … but I’m willing to give the Squid a few weeks’ head start to get the idea.

In minutiae: Attempt to clip my toenails last night was not entirely successful. But it did lead to some interesting acrobatic contortions. I don’t think I’ll try that again until after the baby is born.

Finally, happy first Father’s Day, dearest Husbandlet! Squidgle has a wonderful daddy. I love you!


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