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Monday, June 06, 2005

On the move

Squidgle appears to be migrating. For the last couple of months, s/he has been positioned head down, facing my right side, with his/her little tushie in my left side and little toes in my right rib cage ... I have mentioned the Affects of Baby Feet in Rib Cage upon Maternal Comfort Level and Disposition, have I not? If not, let it be said for the record: Ouch and grrrr. Anyway, yesterday there were several firm kicks to my diaphragm--that is one stretched-out baby--and today, a suspiciously tushie-like bump started sticking up towards my right. And since then, today has been wiggle, wiggle, wiggle.* I'll be tickled beyond words if the little talking-to we gave our baby the other night actually worked.

Here's the recap: Waddles are watching a birthing DVD, so as to alleviate any lingering Lamaze-skipping guilt. We discover that babies who face up during birth cause their mommies much unhappiness in the form of Back Labor. We reflect that Squidgle, while not face up, has not committed to the whole face down thing either, and prefers to recline lazily upon his or her side. We remonstrate with said baby.

It would seem completely in character (at least, the character I tend to ascribe to Squidgle) if our little firstborn overachiever should make those final moves into birthing position a full month before the timer goes off.

* (Of course, the increased wigglage could have something to do with the I-lost-count-yes-I-know-I'm-bad-don't-tell-my-nurse peanut M&Ms I just snarfed down. I was doling them out to myself, counting every one--"15 isn't that much more than 10, right?"--when, tragically, I spilled the bag. I had to eat a few extras while picking them up, didn't I?)

In other news, pray for Very Mom if you get a chance ... she's 16 weeks pregnant and having ongoing contractions.


At 9:43 AM, Blogger Neb said...

1) There is nothing wrong with [the whole bag of] peanut M&M's. ;-)

2) And, I am impressed that you can identify things like feet and tushies by feel. How can you know it's not a hand or a head? Very impressive.

3) I think my mom murmured something about "back labor" in the early moments of producing Margaret into the world. Will have to check on that...

At 8:36 AM, Blogger Jordana said...

Neblet--the feets and tushie identification thing is sort of by default ... I know where Squidlet's head is, so the other big bump must be that cute little butt that I'll be wiping oh-so-soon ... The feet are the much smaller objects that have a tendancy to dig into my ribcage. By feel alone, I think Squidgle has at least 7 feet.


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