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Monday, July 11, 2005


Abashed am I. After my little week-and-a-half hiatus, there was such an outpouring of comments and goodwill that here I am, with barely a weekend’s slacking to my name, posting once again. By the way, I’ve answered the comments in the comments section of the last post. And, now that my college suitemate has delurked, I’m quite curious about who else is out there! Please feel free to leave cryptic messages with names, pseudonymical or otherwise, that I’ll be able to associate with you. Seriously, Daniel, “yo mama eats kitty litter”? (Of course, I did connect it with you eventually … not sure what that says about either of us.)

We had a great weekend. Though the weatherpeople called for rain on Friday night, the evening was beautiful and clear, so we decided to see Hamlet, the play being performed outdoors. The weatherpeople’s negativity, however, meant that the entire audience turnout was around 20 people, including Squidgle: in other words, fewer than the cast. It was an … interesting performance. The Hamlet kept dropping/inverting/forgetting lines; he skipped chunks of the “To be or not to be” speech! His dialogue with the Gravedigger was hilarious because at one point Hamlet led off with the wrong line, while the Gravedigger doggedly went ahead with the line he was supposed to say, so that their conversation went something like this:

Hamlet: Yo, how long you been digging graves?
Gravedigger: One that was a woman, etc.

I think they hired their Hamlet to go with their set, which featured scaffolding rather heavily. Hamlet, while not always saying what he should, did manage to say it all while swinging monkeylike around and over the bars.

Two Gentlemen of Verona, the next night, was a delightful contrast: clever, professional, light-hearted, all-around entertaining. Directors seem to feel compelled to re-set Shakespeare, and this one set the play in the 1950s and used oldies, played over the sound system, to introduce scenes and characters or to expand on a theme (“You Cheated”), but it actually worked quite well. I’m especially glad that the play was so well-done because we had talked Husbandlet’s new lab group member/officemate and her husband into joining us, and you know how it is when you invite semi-strangers to do something and they say yes and have to drive an hour to join you and you’re not sure if they’re just trying to be polite or even like Shakespeare in the first place because they're laid-back Midwesterners and you're garrulous grafted-in Southerners and you can't exactly remember whether you gave them a chance to get a word in edgewise to say "no"? I mean, we enjoyed seeing Hamlet make like an orangutan and flub his lines, but I wouldn’t want to subject anyone else to it against their inclinations.

As a final tidbit: the Vitamin E oil actually works pretty well on the tummy rash. At least as well as the hydrocortisone cream (OKed by my doctor), and I’m less worried about the Vitamin E causing Squidgle to come out with bulging muscles or two heads.


At 1:03 PM, Anonymous That other Jordana said...

Aveeno makes a lotion with a bit of menthol or something in it that I found soothing on my belly when it was itching -- just in case you need something besides the vitamin E.

At 3:23 AM, Blogger Nate said...

Definitely stay away from chemicals and work with vitamins instead. I'm sure that the hydrocortizone is bad. It kills most guinea pigs, after all.

This all reminds me that I need to go spread some on my hairy facade to speed the effects of my weightlifting. I don't need any conclusive double blind, peer reviewed studies, I just know it will work.


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