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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Disaster dinner

I'm in the midst of staff development this week, and Ngaire obligingly has been being developed alongside me. Nothing wrong with bringing a newborn to six-hour seminars, eh wot? I must say I'm enjoying s.d. far more this year than previously, because a baby gives fabulous excuses to get up and leave from time to time. Proudly I boast that I have so far resisted the urge to pinch her to make her cry during the especially boring bits.

But anyway.

To preface this story, you must know that Ngaire is an exceptional sleeper. She sleeps all night (only breaking for occasional snacks), and during the day, she is on a pretty regular two-hour schedule, eating on the odd hours and then sleeping until her next meal. But she almost always skips her post-5 p.m. feeding nap. I don't know why. And when she skips her post-5 p.m. feeding nap, she stays awake until we go to bed (9 p.m.-ish), and she is generally off-and-on frantic for a lot of that time.

Yesterday was a Long Day. The seminar, it was tedious. The baby, she was held and carried all day, mostly by me, and by the time I got home, my back hurt, my arms were tired, and I was ready for a bit of time to myself. But have I mentioned the nap-skipping habit? And the franticness that ensues?

We decided upon frozen pot pies for supper. Now, the Husbandlet is a gourmet cook. He can take scratch, whatever that is, and turn it into sumptuous meals. I'm a decent cookbook cook, a good sous chef, and a pro when it comes to frozen food. So the pot pie/tater tot meal is usually my job, as are the frozen pizza/tater tot meal and the more rare frozen lasagna meal. But due to Ngaire's unhappiness, when we got home I began to try to comfort her, and the Husbandlet was in charge of food.

Supper preparation ran into its first snag when my father turned off the oven when the pies were only half baked. By the time the Husbandlet caught this, the evening was far gone and Ngaire wasn't the only frantic one. Much later, the Husbandlet, finally serving up the pies, set one of the plates on a burner and then accidentally turned the burner on. Sitting in the living room, I heard a crack, a pause, and then an "Oh, shoot" from the Husbandlet. He came in and said, "Well, we'll be sharing a pie tonight." (It is a token of the Husbandlet's resourcefulness and my breastfeeding hunger that he instead salvaged the pie and I ate it.) The plate, alas, was unsalvageable (and inedible).

Moments later, a strong smell of burning filled the kitchen. The Husbandlet, trying to turn on the burner under the green beans (which he had been attempting to cook when he caused the untimely demise of my plate), had turned on the pot pie/plate burner again.

I find it amusing that my husband can whip up a multi-course gourmet meal, but made a memorable mess of a meal made up entirely of frozen foods. Next time, I cook the pot pies and he gets to nurse Ngaire.


At 1:28 AM, Blogger Nate said...

Sounds very much like our house.

I can properly cook prepared foods only when I screw the instructions and do it my own way. This includes ignoring microwave buttons like "Potato," "Vegetable," and "Boil Water" and going straight to the power level and time buttons (including very useful trips in to the often overlooked world of multi-stage microwave cooking). At the same time, scratch is my favorite ingredient, along with meat of any type, a pile of produce, and my spice cabinet.

My wife is exaclty the opposite, for the most part. She's in charege of easy things like frozen pizza and pasta bake. Without her, I'd never be able to eat those things because I require miracles to get them to come out okay. Yes, she is a miracle :)


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