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Friday, September 30, 2005

Darth Maul

Some kidlets develop a passion for a special stuffed animal or blankie. My child loves her burp cloth. She clutches it to her with smiles and coos. She likes having it to hold. Most adorable, however, are the times when she lunges at it with open mouth, crams it between her jaws and mauls it ferociously, curling her body into a plump ball around her prey. This performance is always accompanied by squawks.

I’d be tempted to try and turn her affections to a blankie that is not generally covered with her own—let’s be frank—vomit. However, the burp cloth option does have a certain advantage: we use cloth diapers for the purpose, and I’ve got about 25 of them and they all look alike. Which means we’ll never have a little girl crying beside the washing machine.

Ngaire’s affections also lean the way of our sofa’s fabric, which is blue and dotted with things that might possibly be flowers, or maybe sugar cookies with jam in the center. It’s hard to tell. Anyway, she will sit and stare at this fabric for minutes on end, and squawk and giggle and flirt with it, glancing away with a coy little aw-shucks moue. She intersperses this with more of the open-mouthed lunging. The relationship is a rocky one, though; after trying to pick the flowers, or possibly suck the nipples (it’s hard to tell), for a while, Ngaire tends to get frustrated with her lack of success, and her happy gurgles turn to “eh’s” of dismay. But she displays an admirable ability to forgive and forget, always greeting the return of the sofa on another occasion with her former delight.


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