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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Fascinatin’ baby

Ngaire is twelve weeks and three days old today. She walks, she talks, she sings, she dances! She is … The Amazing Super Baby!

OK, rundown of new developments: She doesn’t quite walk yet, but she can support her weight standing for rather long periods of time if someone else provides the much-needed Balance Component. Same with sitting. She LOVES the sitting and the standing. Not so much the lying on her back without people giving her the attention she deserves.

Talking: Oh yes, that girl can talk! Not English, of course, but she wants to communicate so much. The Husbandlet and I roll R’s at her just to see her eyes light up and get wide, and then she will start rolling R’s back at us (often more a guttural in the back of her throat, more of a purr, though two nights ago she did achieve an authentic Rrrrrrr). We talk back and forth like this for long stretches. She also has a wide repertoire of coos, gurgles, vowel sounds, a couple of consonants, and Wheezes Designed to Make Mommy Panic.

She sings along with me when I sing to her, sometimes, in a high-pitched coo that sounds a tad like whale talk.

She dances: well, no, actually, she just doesn’t dance. But she can projectile-spit her binky several inches.

I could go on and on about my wonderful baby, how she sleeps, how her cheeks are beginning to shrink (Meep!), how she works very hard at trying to grab her amoeba-shaped loopy rings toy when I dangle it above her, how she hates her carseat, how very patient and personable she is most of the time, how she went on a 24-hour pooping strike (Tuesday 2 p.m. to Wednesday 2 p.m.) followed by two of the most heinous diapers I ever hope to change. But I won’t mention any of that, because I know you’re all thinking:


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