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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Ngaire’s first haircut, or, The cry of the velociraptor

Last Wednesday, Ngaire had her first haircutting experience. I have a long history of getting a particular haircut, and then growing it out to my usual hairstyle (long and parted on the side). For the past few haircuts, I’ve played it safe and/or gone straight to my usual conclusion by simply getting a trim and some layers. This time, I decided to go all punk-rock on the world’s tushie and get bangs. So, after attending the Husbandlet’s talk at a conference at a big hotel in a small city, I packed the Squid into her stroller and we ventured out to a local mall.

Ngaire went to sleep on the way. She slept while I located the salon on the mall’s directory, while I trekked all over tarnation to get to said salon, while I waited for my appointment, and while I got shampooed. She woke up mid-haircut. Soon her angst was not to be contained by a mere stroller, so I held her on my lap for the duration of the haircut, causing both of us to get completely covered with little hair shards. Those hair-cutting capes, it turns out they keep off a lot of hair shards.

After the haircut, Ngaire had a blowout diaper, giving me a good excuse for changing her out of her prickly outfit. Incidentally, let me officially unrecommend Parents Choice diapers. In a pack of 48 diapers, around 35 of which Ngaire has used, we’ve had roughly 10,000 blowouts. My daughter and I were continually covered with poop. And that’s just disgusting.

Anyway, due to the hair shard and blowout action, Ngaire’s daddy gave her a shower that night, after which I wrapped her snugly and handed her off to the Husbandlet so I could take my own shower (which is always terrifying after a new haircut, because what if I can’t get the bangs to lie flat again or not look like rabbit ears?). Midway through, the Husbandlet entered the bathroom with a baby on his arm and said, “Your daughter is doing a velociraptor impression.” Sure enough, the Squid soon repeated her performance of (in sequence):

• Opening her mouth.
• Emitting a shrill, piercing cry.
• Attacking the Husbandlet’s shoulder or neck.
• Growling.

It was absolutely adorable.

Incidentally, Ngaire is back in Luvs; I’ve overcome a nagging penurious streak and didn’t even finish off the unused Parents Choice diapers in the pack. And would you believe it—we haven’t had a single blowout! Go on! Imagine, diapers that actually contain poop. Who knew?


At 10:53 AM, Anonymous Peter said...

Fear not! Top scientists are working on your diaper problem. The smiling #1 and #2 are particularly cute.


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