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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Do I dare to eat a peach?

Ngaire will be four months old on Friday, and while we’re not planning to start her on solid foods for another two months at least, she’s starting to show a lot of interest in our food, head swiveling to watch us eat, grabbing at our plates, etc. The Husbandlet has been known to give her tiny tastes of whatever we’re eating, with mixed results: she tried to wipe the curry out of her mouth and has been generally ambivalent about everything else. Until, last week … the Peach Pie.

Husbandlet put a little bit of the filling in her mouth.

She smacked her lips, thoughtful and slightly suspicious.

Her expression cleared.

She looked approving, then eager.

She LUNGED at Husbandlet’s plate. Only our quick intervention prevented her from devouring pie and plate messily, or at the very least, scattering sticky peaches all over my mom’s couch.


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