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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

’Tis the Season

This morning, on our way to my parents’ house, the Husbandlet and Ngaire and I drove by a decorated tree. The following conversation ensued.

Me: Did you see that tree?
Husbandlet: What tree?
Me: You really didn’t see it?
Him: I was watching the road.
Me: It was covered with Christmas stockings, with a Santa hat on top! How could you miss it? It was covered with red things.
Him: There are a lot of trees out there.
Him: Oh look! There’s a tree covered with fairies hung by their little toes!
Me: Oh look! There’s a tree covered with aardvarks!
Him: That guy must be from Texas.
Him: I guess Texas would be armadillos.

Why was Ngaire looking at us like we were crazy?


At 9:11 AM, Blogger Neb said...

Aardvarks, indeed!

As Official Ambassador from The Mother State, I hereby grant you pardon.

And while we're at it, a recipe from my homeland:

"Armadillo Roadkill Soup"

1. Find fresh Armadillo. Armadillos come in two varieties: interstate or US Highway. Either is good. Carcasses less than 24 hours old are preferable, unless you like that authentic sauerkraut flavor, in which case you should find one more than 24 hours old. (Y'all didn't know we make our sauerkraut from roadkill, did you? Tastes just like what they serve up North! (only better, of course.))

2. Remove anything common sense tells you might be too Crunchy (i.e., the shell, the tail, possibly the head and the feet. Although if the feet look good you can leave 'em in.)

3. Add typical soup ingredients, like carrots, potatoes, 10/15 onions, habenero peppers, tobasco sauce, a few cups of chili powder, some Jack Daniels and a whole lot of Beer. Oh, and of course, salt and pepper to taste.

4. Simmer in crockpot... oh, a few weeks at least. It takes a full month for all the flavors to Peak. One time my uncle's cousin's daddy's second wife left it in there a while too long, like a few years, and we found it when she moved. Now THAT was some good eatin'!

5. Enjoy! (This recipe is special. We mainly served it when we had Company, like when our Yankee cousins came to visit. You should have seen the looks on their faces when they tasted THIS!! Wow oh wow!! They must not have any good food like this where they come from... what a treat!)

At 11:57 AM, Blogger Jordana said...

Mmmmmmmm ...


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