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Friday, December 02, 2005

Ngaire developments

At roughly 4.5 months (at some point I dropped the week-counting with a crash), Ngaire has added a few tricks to her repertoire. She now:

* Reaches out her arms to be picked up or transferred from one adoring subject to another.

* Giggles throatily when I blow zerbers on her tummy.

* Is more proficient at ExerSaucering.

* Can stand the rigors of Tummy Time for longer periods without complaint.

* Gazes intensely at all that strange Eating that goes on around here (solid food, here we come!) (Though I am stubbornly determined to wait until she's six months, if she'll let me.)

* Can take a few steps with someone holding her hands (though she only walks backwards for some reason).

* Has discovered the squawk-amplifying qualities of a cup.

* Growls while she gnaws on things.

She is currently laughing and warbling in her ExerSaucer.

Back to work on Monday for me--pray for us all!


At 7:19 PM, Blogger Neb said...

Prayers sent your way :-)

Grandmalet will have fun. :-) Squid will too.

Love, Auntie Neb

PS I didn't forget to mention how beautiful she is, did I? Pictures just don't do her justice. I know I haven't oohed and aahhed over her enough (or bought her enough clothes.) Don't mind me, I'm just reserved. It's just my nature.


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