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Monday, December 12, 2005

Nose to the grindstone

The new typical day:

5:22—The alarm goes off.
5:30—I get up, toss on several layers of clothes, slippers, blankets, etc. in the dark, and proceed to the kitchen, where I make tea and attempt to express more than 3 ounces of milk (side note: methinks attempting a diet while breastfeeding is not working for my milk supply) (Second side note: since writing the above, I have abandoned the diet, and my milk supply is back up. Hallelujah!).
6:00—I wake up the Husbandlet.
6:30—Husbandlet, self, and buntinged baby pile into car. Breakfast (bagels, coffee and tea) is consumed en route.
7:00—Arrive at parents’ house. Baby is exchanged for my father.
7:10—Arrive at high school. Father and self disembark; Husbandlet toodles off to torture clams.
12:33-1:05—More teachin’.
1:05—Dash out to parking lot to retrieve the Squid from her grandmama. Dash back in in what is fervently hoped to be an unobtrusive manner. Conceal Squid in classroom for remainder of school day. (We are trying to ease the childcare transition by minimizing mama-child separation for the first few weeks. I have a planning period during fourth block. There you have it.)
3:05—Exit school. Proceed to parental lodgings.
4:30ish—Husbandlet arrives and the Squid and I pile back into the car to go home.
5:00ish-bedtime—various chores are done, food is consumed, after-dinner activities are performed, showers are taken, and snuggling and sleep recommence.

Ngaire seems to be adjusting all right to the new normal. A reliable source (my mother) reports that she (the baby, not my mother) is averaging about an hour and a half of crying or fussing a day, which isn’t all that bad. I do miss the little one most atrociously; not to mention—the guilt, the guilt! But the teachin’ is fun. And we’re keeping an eye on Ngaire for Horrible Personality Changes, which have thus far not materialized. So, good all round.


At 8:11 PM, Blogger Neb said...

Glad to hear the Squid is coping with fun at Grandma's house (who WOULDN'T have fun at Grandma's house?!?) and praying that you'll cope with the fullness/joy/stress/fun/overwhelment that is (might be?) working motherhood.

Oh, and PS: no diet that reduces your child's milk supply is Approved by Neb! And I know that if it isn't Approved by Neb, you won't be doing it, now will you?!? Neb's advice is, embrace (new?) pants that fit and just chill out awhile. ;-)

Love you all,

At 2:29 PM, Anonymous That other Jordana said...

I'm glad it is going well thus far. Adjusting will probably take a while, but I bet it will work out fine. Hooray for Grandparents! And definitely quit that dieting stuff for a while longer.


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