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Monday, January 16, 2006

'Twas some weeks after Christmas

If I haven’t been in touch with you lately, or haven’t updated my blog lately (and I know I haven’t), it’s because we haven’t been home, much, really. First Christmas happened, and then New Year’s happened, and then the Husbandlet’s parents came for a visit, and then we visited them. And somewhere in the middle of all of that I went back to work and graded and wrote tests and lesson plans and tried to keep from tearing all my hair out in handfuls. Ngaire was a little angel with all the excitement and moving around. She has only demonstrated one behavior that could in any way be construed as stress-related, and anyway in her case I’m not so sure because it’s fairly par for the course as far as general Ngaire-ness: She only wants to sleep touching another person, preferably on that person, and that person is preferably me. So, during my at-home hours, my hands are generally occupied, and that’s just fine.

Right now, I am typing this semi-reclining in bed, falling over to one side to type on my laptop, with Ngaire on my lap.

Alas, poor Ngaire: her first Christmas and New Year’s will forever be remembered as The Great Pooping Strike. There was no pooping for a Very Long Time. It was the talk of the whole family. (I kid you not. After Christmas, we left one part of the family and went to visit another part. When we arrived at Point B—a.k.a. my brother- and sister-in-law’s house—my father-in-law called from Point A, and his first question was, “So, has she pooped yet?” And he was talking to my brother-in-law at the time. And my brother-in-law knew the answer [no].)

Last week was De-Lurking week, so if you’ve been lurking, please de.

I’ve been trying to write a clever poem about our break to be sung to “The Twelve Days of Christmas,” but I’m just going to accept right now that it’s not going to be done anytime before 2007.

And finally, a couple of pictures:

Ngaire as Roomba.

Ngaire and Rat.


At 10:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am de-lurking. Naire stories are adorable and student stories are funny; post more!



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