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Monday, February 06, 2006


Busy, I am. But:

* Milk production is up again, slightly. I mean, it seems to be gradually lessening overall, but I'm reliably getting 3-5 ounces per Side. My last two at-work pumps have produced 8 oz. in total, a fact which impresses the Husbandlet's officemate Lance very much. Hi, Lance!

* Ngaire is really cute. She has learned to play peek-a-boo. Lying in bed a couple Saturday mornings ago, she started pulling the sheet up over her face. "Where's Ngaire?" we obligingly said, pulling the sheet away. "There she is!" She chortled and pulled the sheet up again. We played at this for quite awhile. SO cute.

* Also, we bought her a johnny-jump-up. Oh, the jumping. The first time I put her in that thing, she started bouncing and kept at it for a Very Long Time. I ate dinner without a squirming baby on my lap for the first time in months, that evening.

* ALSO, she appears to be teething, if the angst, intermittent sleeplessness, congestion and gnawing are to be interpreted thusly.

* The transformer blew out on our block on Sunday morning, just as the coffee was beginning to drip into the coffeepot. This began a frantic hunt for the tender cup of coffee, which is beyond necessary for the Husbandlet to function. We finally located this nectar at a small diner, which also provided us with blueberry pancakes. And all was well. The end.

* I have been oh so busy. Last week included the Wednesday of Great Horrificness, featuring the Class of Great Evilitude Hitting the Bottom of Great Rockiness. So I'm turning myself into the Witch-Teacher from Hades for that particular class, and that has involved a lot of work and lesson-plan-rethinking. I'm tired. Also, I feel like a bad mother, because here I am spending days with ungrateful little squirts instead of with my baby whom I adore.

* But hey, at least the milk production is up!

Moo. Now I'm off to tutor my dad in computery things.


At 10:54 AM, Anonymous Husbandlet said...

Witch-teachers from Hades would make a great name for a rock-band.


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