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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Reason #798,205 why I love this guy

I have an ironic, somewhat backwards sense of humor. I blame this on my mother’s being from Oklahoma. I personally find myself hilarious, but the problem is that people often don’t realize that I’m not serious. For instance, last September I saw my brother-in-law Nathan, newly out of the Army and with a haircut to match (i.e., less than a quarter-inch long), and remarked that he was looking a bit scruffy. The next time I saw him, he had SHAVED HIS HEAD. Because he took me seriously.

So anyway, yesterday the Husbandlet and the Squid and I were out for a walk, and we passed a mobile home swarming with roughly 47 cats. (Well, maybe more like six or eight.) The cats’ owner came out to hush up his dog, who was barking at us. The owner had one of those Einstein just-stuck-a-finger-in-a-socket hairdos; somehow, he went all too well with the trailer and the plethora of cats. I said to the Husbandlet, “You know what my problem is? I look at that guy, and what I want to say is, ‘Well, I can tell you don’t like cats.’ But people don’t understand that I’m joking, and they just look at me funny. I could say that to someone like Nathan—”

The Husbandlet: “And Nathan would have to go shave his cat.”


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