The Pregnant Waddle

Pre-Pregnancy Weight Just Around the Corner (It's Trying to Run and Hide)

Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Well, the Squid is adjusting to her new childcare situation pretty well. She cried piteously yesterday and today when we dropped her off, but apparently calmed down pretty quickly and (at least yesterday) had a happy day of playing, eating, and sleeping. I'm trying to feel less guilty about the whole thing. This morning didn't help: when we dropped her off, Ngaire realized what we were doing and began clutching and clawing at my chest as I handed her to Nanny. That and the piteous cries. It was so very difficult to hand her over! Absolutely miserable. And that was just me. My poor baby.

Things are going to be a bit crazy around here. The Husbandlet is heading off to Canada for a conference for a week. We will miss him tremendously, of course, and that is a problem. Perhaps the bigger problem is that every time he mentions Canada, I am forced to break into song. Which may mean that the poor psychologically-conditioned Husbandlet will inadvertently offend some key Canadians in his travels.


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