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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Excuses, excuses

Yeah, so, this whole getting blocked thing is really providing an impediment to my already limited blogging energy. Last year, huge and pregnant and waiting at work for hours a day till the Husbandlet came to get me, I was all about blogs: reading them, writing them, giving them up for Lent so I could maybe get some actual work done. But this year . . . well, there are many differences. Not pregnant, for one thing, and it turns out an external baby takes up a lot more attention than the internal variety. I leave work every day as close to 3:00 as I possibly can. In the evenings, if I am so fortunate as to get the Squid to sleep and manage to stay awake myself

SIDE NOTE: Have you ever watched a baby going to sleep? The fluttering eyes? The deepening breathing? The drooping head and relaxed fingers? That and the sleep-inducing hormones produced by nursing usually ensure that I am desperately sleepy before the Squid has even begun to consider stopping with the partying.

Sorry. So, IF, given all that, I manage not to fall asleep resting gently on my baby’s tummy, there are books to read, and stories and poems to write, and Husbandlets to cuddle.

All that is my very convoluted excuse about my pathetic blogging record of late. I’m sorry! Please keep coming to visit! Maybe I will post another cute studentlet story or Ngaire picture! You never know. The pregnancy is over, but The Pregnant Waddle lives on!


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