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Friday, March 03, 2006


Well, it's finally happened: Ngaire is cutting her first tooth.

She had a rough day on Tuesday--actually, this whole week has been a tad on the rough side--since she's now with a new sitter. I was sitting next to her in the car on the way home, and she began crying ... and I spotted a little something peeking through her lower gums. A sharp little something, at that.

Our poor little Boo has many troubles this week: tooth, new sitter, congestion that made it impossible to nurse last night (though it did give me the rather sweet experience of sleeping upright in bed so she could sleep on my chest). It makes me sad to have her so unhappy, even though I know she's a tough little cookie and will pull through just fine.

Anyway, if you think on it, do send up a little prayer for my baby.


At 12:19 PM, Anonymous Adrial said...

I'm sure you're getting lots of suggestions for teething babies. (Conversation starter: Does rum help with the teething better if it's: a) rubbed on the baby's gums or b) imbibed by the parent?)

I've met a lot of parents who suggest buying mini bagels, sticking 'em in the freezer, and handing them out as impromptu teething ring. Lunch and relief, all at the same time!

At 1:19 PM, Blogger Jordana said...

Rum: they should send it home from the hospital with the baby.

I've heard the bagel thing, and it sounds like a good idea. Though Ngaire never seems as interested in things we actually WANT her to chew on.

At 2:12 PM, Anonymous Husbandlet said...

Perhaps the best way to get Ngaire to want to chew on such objects is to act as though we don't want her to. You know, place them on the table just out of reach like we do with cups of tea. Let her lundge at them fruitlessly for five or ten minutes before letting her 'accedentally' get one.

At 4:10 PM, Anonymous Mary of the Moore said...

Hm, yours is getting her first and mine is getting her last (the 2 yr molars). That is to say, she has been off and on getting them for the last bazillion months? Who knows!
The many chewable ideas you are probably getting will most certainly be great and you will find one that works for the Ngairelet. What you may NOT be hearing about is that (IMHO/E) Baby Ibuprofen seems to help more than Baby Tylenol. Even with the chewables and druggables teething is no picnic. You might need to sample the chewables (well, maybe not the frozen washcloth) and druggables . . . Fuuuun Teething, y'all!


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