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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Three-quarters of a year

Today, Ngaire is nine months old. Having a baby is the strangest experience; in some ways, I can scarcely believe that she wasn’t born just last week, and in others, it feels like she’s been a part of my life forever. I know the Husbandlet pretty darn well; I can predict how he’ll react to something and why, we complete each other’s sentences, we understand each other’s routines. My understanding of Ngaire, though, is far more instinctual. I can interpret her kacks and expressions, but it’s more than that … I feel like I’m only a short step behind what makes her tick. This is probably not very well-put, but it’s my Intuitive-Feeling side talking. In any case, I’m grateful to feel so tuned in to my baby, since that was one of the things I feared I’d lose, going back to work.

The sleep training goes well. The Husbandlet and I have decided that we officially swear by (as opposed to at) the cry-it-out method: Ngaire now goes down without a peep, and sleeps through the night. On those rare occasions when she wakes up, if she cries, it is only briefly, and she puts herself back to sleep. We have been slightly disconcerted the last couple nights, though, to peek in on Ngaire awhile after putting her down, only to find her eyes still wide open … no crying, just staring around. We find this almost as distressing as her crying, for some reason; I guess we just don’t like the idea of our poor little Boo having given up all hopes of someone coming to her rescue if she cries, and sitting there in boredom instead.

The Squid is definitely on the move … she crawls very purposefully and somewhat floppily. I got a update recently that said babies her age can climb stairs, and I realized that, due to a dearth of stairs in her life, Ngaire hasn’t had a chance to learn to climb them. So, I set her next to the only step our house boasts, and lured her to climb it. She did, and showed great flair at it, if I do say so. My baby is developmentally on target!

She’s acquired a taste for Cheerios, which she scoops into her mouth in very acrobatic moves, sometimes. Speaking of acrobatics, she has also entered the stage of Creative Nursing Positions. She’s very interactive, and talks and giggles and plays with us, which we’re enjoying tremendously. The Husbandlet goes increasingly great lengths for her cackle.

She can also pull up on furniture now. No book/video/knickknack is safe. And she’s perfected the Lunge from adoring set of arms to adoring set of arms, particularly as a means of traveling across the room to Mommy.

All in all, she’s a delight: a happy, healthy, playful, good-natured baby who seems rather fond of us. Happy equal-time-outside-the-womb-as-inside-it day, Squidlet!


At 10:18 AM, Blogger Neb said...

I have not spent NEARLY enough time with your child in person. And she is getting SO BIG. And she barely! knows! her Auntie Neb.

All of this shall have to be remedied as soon as I can attend to it...

With love (and a moderate amount of hormonally induced Weeping),
Neb :-)

PS Happy birthday, Ngaire. :-)
PPS You're getting more beautiful every day.


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