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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Looking for keys

The other day, the Husbandlet and I were playing on our bed with Ngaire. She was flapping my keys around, and I became concerned that she might stab herself or Daddy in the eye with them, so when the Husbandlet distracted her for a moment, I hid the keys behind me. Ngaire finished with her distraction, and started looking around purposefully. She spotted the Husbandlet’s keys on his cedar chest at the foot of the bed, and took off after them. The Husbandlet caught her as she crawled off the edge of the bed. However, as he lifted her up, his keys were clutched tightly in her hand.

This reminds me of the time she crawled off the edge of my mom’s bed after a dish of almonds. The Husbandlet caught her as she swooped and grabbed, and despite a lot of swinging about, she managed to keep the dish upright and not lose a single almond in the whole endeavor.


At 10:03 AM, Blogger Alysia said...

I once witnessed a 10-month-old trying to get Mommy's attention with lots of gestures, shrieks (at her) and cries of, "Ee! Eeee!" Mom, who was trying to pay, alternately ignored him and implored him to please be quiet.

At the end of the transaction, she distractedly started a frantic search for her keys.

I pointed toward where her TEN-MONTH-OLD son had been pointing all along -- her keys had fallen down the side of the cart.


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