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Saturday, May 20, 2006


My college roomie is expecting a baby girl in October. She asked me to compile a list of things one actually should register for (as opposed to what Babies R Us says you should register for). The Husbandlet's cousin performed a similar service for me when I was pregnant, and I've happily begun a list. However, maybe it's leftover pregnancy brain being enhanced by mommy brain, but I'm having a tough time remembering what one needs for a tiny infant, and find myself writing things like "Books! Spoons! Baby fences!"

So, any suggestions? What was most useful to you as a new mommy? What do you wish, in retrospect, that you had got your hands on?


At 1:02 PM, Anonymous That other Jordana said...

Lanolin, nursing bras, a baby swing, car seat, diapers...

For me a sling is a must have, but many people aren't as crazy about them. In which case, a Baby Bjorn (or something of that ilk) is a necessity.

I never liked my nursing pillow much, but some people love those.

We used a Pac n' Play as a bassinet by our bed when the kids were tiny and then have used it for travelling a lot after that.

So many things are things you find as an individual that you might like or need, but some one else would find useless. I like having a changing table, many people don't see the point. I hate pacifiers and try not to use them much, but lots of people can't live without.

The choices can be overwhelming.

At 7:13 PM, Blogger Amy said...

1. Burp Cloths Galore
2. Adhesive Nursing Pads.
3. Diaper Rash Cream.
4. Baby Bath
5. Baby Tub.
6. Breast Pump.
7. More Burp Cloths

Best of luck making your list. There's soooo much to get. She's lucky she has your expertise.

At 10:29 PM, Anonymous Blabbermouth said...

I am much too opinionated, I realized after I typed all this. No, I knew that before, and so did you. Anyway, more info than you asked for!!

The best money we spent (or had spent on us) was for:
1. Sling! (Or like the other Jordana said, some sort of baby-on-self carrier.) I liked the Maya, personally.
2. Nursing pillow.
3. Exersaucer.
4. GOOD nursing bras that don't tear up after a gazzillion washes. The good ones are kind of expensive but worth it. Start out with just one of the kind you think you might like and maybe a back up cheaper one before you stock up. I absolutely love the Bravado brand. (They have fun prints too! ;) You can get them online and in specialty stores.

There are some things that it seems best to wait until after the baby comes to register for / get, so that you can get a sense of your baby's personality. Hopefully Anj will have some showers after as well as before the baby comes so she can try her out on other people's stuff. Suzan always wanted to be completely upright so our swing was worthless but our exersaucer was a necessity. Sadly, we had registered for the swing and had to spring for the exersaucer ourselves. (Hopefully there will be a number 2 that loves the stupid swing!) The sling vs. baby bjorn is another one of those things where it is nice to see what you and your baby are comfortable with since there are so many great options. Suzan had to be touching me at all times (and upright!!) the first few months (or do I mean years? Just kidding.) so the sling was a back and sanity saver for us. I had thought I would like the b.b. better but she did not so I was glad nobody had purchased it.

Secondary stuff:
1. A baby monitor, Christopher reminds me is good. After you get over the need to physically check on them every 2 seconds it is nice to just listen in.
2. A little hand baby food grinder. Kidco or Happy baby makes some that run $10-$15. I think the texture is better than a food processor and you can take it with you anywhere.
3. I don't know what else there is but do NOT get the yellow sponge baby bath thing. (Okay, you can but this is my personal rant.) It is LOATHSOME!! Always wet and it shreds bits of sponge into the tub. Ick, ick, ick!
4. Carbona stain remover and Blue Coral Upholstery Cleaner.
Love, Mary

At 12:56 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have no babies of my own, but I have raised many babies belonging to other people. My current personal fave: video baby monitors. My current employers have quite the high-tech system set up, but I know that there are much cheaper options as well. I love being able to see the baby instead of just listening and hoping that no crying means a good thing. Plus, you don't have to keep opening the door to check on them and hope that you don't wake them in the process.

Other things that I like: sleep sacks (blankets are not safe unless used for swaddling); white-noise machine (really can help the baby sleep longer...especially if a light sleeper)--can use an air purifier or fan instead...anything that makes that light noise that helps block the other noises out (though I find that the small white-noise machines that one can buy are easier to take along for travel); swaddling blankets--either large square blankets or the easy made for swaddling wraps; Pack'N'Play--it has so many great uses...I even use one right now as an outdoor playpen for a baby who isn't quite crawling yet but doesn't like just sitting in her stroller or being held while I watch her older brother; crib wedges--to keep baby on her back. That's all for now. There's always more...I have a whole notebook full of stuff like this. :-)



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