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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Ngaire moments

Yesterday morning, I set the Squid on my bedroom floor while I got her lunch ready. She crawled into the kitchen—yes, our bedroom is just off the kitchen—still in her wearable blanket, and I saw her batting at the floor. Looking closer, I realized that she had found and was happily interacting with a trail of rather disconcerted ants.

I’m told that she similarly traumatized a bug on Tuesday.

* * *

Yesterday, Ngaire and I played together on the floor. (You will be relieved to learn that I share toys very well.) I stacked up some blocks. Ngaire knocked them down. I said, “Aaah!” I stacked them again. Ngaire knocked them down. Ngaire said, “Aaah!” in exactly the same pitch and tone as my squawk.

We may not have taught her English yet, but at least the Husbandlet and I are progressing quite nicely in our study of Squid.

* * *
Yesterday evening, I read Ngaire a Sandra Boynton book. This tends to be a chaotic experience, since Ngaire does not read books in a linear fashion, or indeed read them at all so much as flip pages randomly and then eat them. After I finished reading, we sat for awhile so Ngaire could gnaw the book as per usual. But I noticed that instead of her random flip and eat, she was turning pages from front to back, babbling all the while as if reading them out loud.

* * *

This morning, Ngaire was in her MegaSaucer, jumping away. (Lately, she has been far more interested in the delightfully loud noise it makes when she jumps in her saucer than in actually playing with the toys.) She cast me a brilliant smile, and I knelt down next to her to pat her. Resting a starfish hand on my arm, she leaned her head on my wrist and smiled at me dreamily.


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