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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Today, I have:

* Organized baby clothes into Keep, Donate, and Send to Roomie boxes.
* Moved the Husbandlet’s very heavy desk into a new position in our bedroom (the Husbandlet is out of town at a wedding and thus cannot protest).
* Vacuumed my room.
* Washed and dried three loads of laundry.
* Washed dishes.
* Washed the baby.
* Cooked baby food.
* Removed several lots of scary-looking food from our fridge.
* Chased a wolf spider and (possibly) a black widow. Actually, the black widow chased me. I didn’t catch either.
* Had phone conversations with Becky and my very sleepy (at 11 a.m.!) brother-in-law.
* Updated my blog (twice!).

After Ngaire’s bath and re-dressing, around 5 p.m., I lay in an exhausted heap on the sofa whilst the Squid did her little Padding Bear Cub number around the room, pulling things off shelves. She padded over toward the sofa and disappeared from view. Then one little hand appeared, gripping the sofa by my head, then a beaming Ngaire face. She stood there and we just laughed at each other for awhile.

Her hair is starting to fluff out over her ears; she is getting to be less of a baby and more a little girl every day. She can also stand, now, for several seconds at a time. She slept in an adorable fallen-forward heap during one of her naps today, having evidently fallen asleep mid-protest. She can crawl after me from room to room, now, but can also entertain herself for long stretches of time with toys or standing at a glass door. She’s really quite companionable; we both miss the Husbandlet, but I definitely do not feel lonely.

Sorry if this gets tedious … I realize from time to time how much of Ngaire’s development I’ve forgotten already, which always inclines me to obsessively document her every adorable move. Of course, when I’m not doing that, on this blog, I’m obsessively writing about myself, so why should this post be different from all other posts?

Ooh, there goes the wolf spider again.


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