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Friday, June 30, 2006

Silent but deadly

The little boy who unrolled and flushed the roll of TP on Wednesday night, then picked his daddy's pocket? Well, last night after VBS, the Husbandlet went to use the men's room at our church. He found the lights on and the water running in the sink. Then he found the liquid handsoap and hand sanitizer bottles on the floor. Next to them, he found a tiny paper puppet on a popsicle stick (one of our crafts for the evening), soaked in hand sanitizer. On the handle of the popsicle stick was written that little boy's name.

Silent but deadly. It is his mantra.

One more night. The Husbandlet and I are going out with Chris and Sarah afterward for a celebratory sundae.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

This week:


When I think about it, I note that Vacation Bible School week tends to be rather fraught with fraughtness for me; two years ago, I worked while feeling nauseous and sluggish and achy with a kidney infection, and last year, I worked while feeling acid refluxy, sluggish, and swollen with a 40+ week pregnancy. This year, we're leaving the Squid with my parents in the evenings so she can have a relatively normal bedtime, and things are going pretty smoothly. I don't know whether to be frustrated or amused that my parents seem to be unable to hear the Squid squeak without going in and getting her (this would be the Squid who now not only settles herself to sleep but then sleeps from 6 p.m. to 5:30 a.m. all by herself at our house every single night), thus waking her up and getting her all energized several times an evening. I keep telling them it's OK if she cries a bit, but their tender hearts can't stand for it. But I expect we'll all survive (big sigh) and any sleep re-training that is necessary can occur next week.

Sarah and our pastor's wife and I are in charge of the two-to-five-year-old group at VBS, and let me tell you, three of us to five of them (small turnout this year) seems like we're outnumbered. One little boy managed to unroll and then almost managed to flush an entire roll of toilet paper during the potty break last night. (Later, I was chatting with his father, and he picked his father's pocket and was happily playing with the photos and credit cards from his father's wallet when we looked around.) One little girl goes around alternately kissing and choking everybody, another little girl is constantly trying to make her escape, the third little girl likes to run around screaming inexplicably, and the final boy is always trying to move on to the next activity, whether we're ready or not. Between that and the tiny chairs, I'm glad I teach older (though debatably more mature) children generally.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Today, 11:35 a.m.

Ngaire's checklist for that particular moment:
* Stand between Mommy's knees.
* Take a step or two out, holding on to said knees.
* Let go of knees.
* Stand with arms out for balance for a moment.
* Wobble.
* Lift left foot.
* Move it forward.
* Crawl over to chair, pull self up, and repeat.

(She looked just a bit like Tevye as he's dancing home to "Tradition!")

Monday, June 19, 2006

We have entered

The era of the acrobatic breastfeeding.

(We've been there for awhile, but y'all have probably noticed that my blogging has been sketchy of late ...)

11 Months

My Squidlet is getting so old.

She’s been cruising for awhile, and taking steps assisted, but you can tell that she’s beginning to think, when she cruises to the edge of a piece of furniture, “Hey! One of these days I’m going to just … keep going! How’s that gonna work?” And then she’ll hesitate, crouch, stand up, and then crouch again before crawling.

I have officially designated her first word as “Daddy.” Some weeks ago, the Husbandlet was away at a conference, and when I took Ngaire in bed with me for a wake-up nurse one morning, she looked over at his side of the bed and said, “Da da da da da da.” Last week, I brought Ngaire to the glass door to watch the Husbandlet coming in from work. As soon as she caught sight of him, she said, “Da da!” But the clincher was Sunday morning, when she looked at the Husbandlet and said, “Da [pause] Dee.” On Father’s Day, no less.

When she eats a banana, her favorite food, she will sometimes say, “Mmmmmm nana.”

I don’t mind the whole “Daddy” thing, but I’m not sure how I feel about being ousted by a tropical fruit.

(In all fairness, sometimes she calls “Emmmmmmma!” when she wants me, but I’m not sure if that’s just a babble or if she’s a particularly huge Jane Austen fan.)

Well, the school year ground to a halt

And I’m breathless. Finals week was nuts. Lots of students wanted to hand in makeup work at the last possible second; I allowed a couple to pull their grades up above passing that way, but I drew the line at the honors student who emailed me after school let out on the last day to ask if she could come by the next day to hand in some late work.

This week, I’m scheduled to work at putting together computerized multiple-choice English 9 tests against that day when our school is required to have standardized departmental tests. Today, my partner and I finished the first of three tests in under two hours, which inspired us to give ourselves the rest of the day off and finish the other two tests tomorrow. We won’t have to work the rest of the week, then, which, as my partner said, means less money, but as I said, means more summer vacation.


I am badly in need of a haircut. Not wanting to re-enact the Hair Shard Experience with Ngaire, I’ve been waiting for an opportunity to slip away sans Squid. This opportunity, however, has not yet been forthcoming.

I tried on bathing suits yesterday. Yeek.

I’ve been batting around the idea of writing a paper or essay on women’s voices in the blogosphere, but I’m not entirely certain where to begin or how not to sound like an Internet freak. The Husbandlet says I should (a) do research and (b) read C. S. Lewis. He is no doubt correct.

Oooh, and somehow I’ve managed to reduce down to just two pounds above my pre-pregnancy weight, much to my own astonishment. (No diets were harmed in this weight loss.) I fear that this means it’s time to get pregnant again. Oh, and how is it possible that I should be just two (2) pounds above my pre-pregnancy weight, but those pounds should be so very differently distributed from heretofore that I still can’t get into most of my pre-pregnancy clothes? I will always be one dress size higher, I guess, and none of those shirts will ever close over my bosom again.

Don’t even get me started on bras.


Will I blog with greater regularity? We shall see.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Is anybody (still) out there?

Hello? Vast, loyal readership? Um …sorry? Sorry I’ve been such a bad blogger. If you look at my posts from this time last year, I’m sure they are similarly sketchy. End of school year; you understand. You know it’s hard out there for a teacher.

Quick catch-up:
• Memorial Day weekend: we drove up to D.C. with friends to go to the Shakespeare Free For All’s performance of Pericles. I’ve been to a lot of Shakespeare plays, and I have to say that this was the most enchanting I have ever seen. The entire cast, the sets, the direction, the props, everything came together into a seamless dreamscape that I wish I could replay over and over. It’s all the more amazing as Pericles is, in and of itself, not all that much of a play. And it deals with some pretty hefty/melodramatic themes … incest, attempted murder, capture by pirates, etc. etc. Yay for visionary directors and very, very good actors! As a side note, when I first read the program, pre-play, my squeals could barely be contained: I went to college with one of the actors; lo, we were in a creative writing course, and he happened to marry my suitemate’s sister. So I’m almost famous.
• The next weekend: we decided our lives were going way too smoothly, and decided to re-open the issue of our bathroom remodel (begun in the summer of 2004 and on hold ever since). So we ripped out the linoleum, removed the toilet and shelves, and painted the walls. Then we decided we needed a toilet, so we put it back in. Then we decided we’d paint the shelves later, and put them back in, albeit in a wobbly fashion. So now we have gucky cement floors and a wobbly bright sea-green shelf system to go with our newly white walls (they used to be the same color as the shelves; the previous owner must have painted on LSD), but at least we have a functioning toilet. Though we had that before we ripped and removed. Anyway, hopefully this project will get done sometime before we sell the house. We shall see.
• Last weekend: we drove up to Baltimore and convened at the Husbandlet’s aunt and uncle’s house with their visiting daughters, sons-in-law, and grandbabies. The house was overrun by baby girls (and one slightly older son). We really, really enjoy that portion of the family a lot; there is something so wonderful about being in an environment that so delights in babies, good conversation, good wine, and good food. We ate a lot and passed the babies around. It made me want to have more babies (and more food).

In between, we had a visit from one of my college roommates, which was marvelous, Ngaire learned to stand by herself for longer periods of time, she and I got pink eye, she got an ear infection, and the Husbandlet and I got colds, the Husbandlet’s field season went into overdrive, and my school year ended. Tomorrow is my work day, and then I’m done, except for the week of half-days I rather stupidly volunteered to work next week, as part of a test-writing project. We have been so busy; the house is a disaster area, and I can’t wait to decompress and spend some quality time with the Boo. At the end of a long work day, when I’m tired and the Squid is hungry, I often wonder how I’ll be able to be a full-time stay-at-home mommy, but then I remember that it’s actually easier when you spend the whole day doing it than when you plunge into mommydom with all concerned tired and cranky. In truth, Ngaire is a pearl among babies: sweet, happy, funny, and companionable. (I’m sure many other mommies are equally sure that they have the most wonderful baby in the world. Ahem.)

I’ve missed passing on too many Ngaire stories to catch up; plus, I can see your eyes glazing from here. But anyway: this evening, while I was heating up food for the baby and she was sitting in her high chair, the Husbandlet and I started doing a bit of tae kwon do sparring. The Squid thought that was the most hilarious thing in the world … she regaled us with peals of laughter. Of course, this inspired us to further violence, which received further giggles. The Husbandlet: “Mommy and Daddy are fighting again.” Me: “Yes, Ngaire, we’re only doing it to make you feel secure.”

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Seeing the world through rose-colored eyes

I've been meaning to post about our wonderful, heavenly Memorial Day weekend, which was absolutely amazing and grand, but instead I got pink eye. Ngaire has it too, plus an ear infection. And I have some sort of cold virus. Honestly, this has been the sickest year of my life.

So: I've taken two days off from work, and Ngaire and I have been quarantined in the house and resting and drinking lots of fluids. The Husbandlet has thus far been spared these particular plagues; may it last. One of my college roomies is coming for a visit tomorrow, and we're supposed to visit various Husbandlet relatives this weekend, none of whom need pink eye, SO JUST GO AWAY, STUPID CONJUNCTIVITIS.