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Monday, June 19, 2006

11 Months

My Squidlet is getting so old.

She’s been cruising for awhile, and taking steps assisted, but you can tell that she’s beginning to think, when she cruises to the edge of a piece of furniture, “Hey! One of these days I’m going to just … keep going! How’s that gonna work?” And then she’ll hesitate, crouch, stand up, and then crouch again before crawling.

I have officially designated her first word as “Daddy.” Some weeks ago, the Husbandlet was away at a conference, and when I took Ngaire in bed with me for a wake-up nurse one morning, she looked over at his side of the bed and said, “Da da da da da da.” Last week, I brought Ngaire to the glass door to watch the Husbandlet coming in from work. As soon as she caught sight of him, she said, “Da da!” But the clincher was Sunday morning, when she looked at the Husbandlet and said, “Da [pause] Dee.” On Father’s Day, no less.

When she eats a banana, her favorite food, she will sometimes say, “Mmmmmm nana.”

I don’t mind the whole “Daddy” thing, but I’m not sure how I feel about being ousted by a tropical fruit.

(In all fairness, sometimes she calls “Emmmmmmma!” when she wants me, but I’m not sure if that’s just a babble or if she’s a particularly huge Jane Austen fan.)


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