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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Is anybody (still) out there?

Hello? Vast, loyal readership? Um …sorry? Sorry I’ve been such a bad blogger. If you look at my posts from this time last year, I’m sure they are similarly sketchy. End of school year; you understand. You know it’s hard out there for a teacher.

Quick catch-up:
• Memorial Day weekend: we drove up to D.C. with friends to go to the Shakespeare Free For All’s performance of Pericles. I’ve been to a lot of Shakespeare plays, and I have to say that this was the most enchanting I have ever seen. The entire cast, the sets, the direction, the props, everything came together into a seamless dreamscape that I wish I could replay over and over. It’s all the more amazing as Pericles is, in and of itself, not all that much of a play. And it deals with some pretty hefty/melodramatic themes … incest, attempted murder, capture by pirates, etc. etc. Yay for visionary directors and very, very good actors! As a side note, when I first read the program, pre-play, my squeals could barely be contained: I went to college with one of the actors; lo, we were in a creative writing course, and he happened to marry my suitemate’s sister. So I’m almost famous.
• The next weekend: we decided our lives were going way too smoothly, and decided to re-open the issue of our bathroom remodel (begun in the summer of 2004 and on hold ever since). So we ripped out the linoleum, removed the toilet and shelves, and painted the walls. Then we decided we needed a toilet, so we put it back in. Then we decided we’d paint the shelves later, and put them back in, albeit in a wobbly fashion. So now we have gucky cement floors and a wobbly bright sea-green shelf system to go with our newly white walls (they used to be the same color as the shelves; the previous owner must have painted on LSD), but at least we have a functioning toilet. Though we had that before we ripped and removed. Anyway, hopefully this project will get done sometime before we sell the house. We shall see.
• Last weekend: we drove up to Baltimore and convened at the Husbandlet’s aunt and uncle’s house with their visiting daughters, sons-in-law, and grandbabies. The house was overrun by baby girls (and one slightly older son). We really, really enjoy that portion of the family a lot; there is something so wonderful about being in an environment that so delights in babies, good conversation, good wine, and good food. We ate a lot and passed the babies around. It made me want to have more babies (and more food).

In between, we had a visit from one of my college roommates, which was marvelous, Ngaire learned to stand by herself for longer periods of time, she and I got pink eye, she got an ear infection, and the Husbandlet and I got colds, the Husbandlet’s field season went into overdrive, and my school year ended. Tomorrow is my work day, and then I’m done, except for the week of half-days I rather stupidly volunteered to work next week, as part of a test-writing project. We have been so busy; the house is a disaster area, and I can’t wait to decompress and spend some quality time with the Boo. At the end of a long work day, when I’m tired and the Squid is hungry, I often wonder how I’ll be able to be a full-time stay-at-home mommy, but then I remember that it’s actually easier when you spend the whole day doing it than when you plunge into mommydom with all concerned tired and cranky. In truth, Ngaire is a pearl among babies: sweet, happy, funny, and companionable. (I’m sure many other mommies are equally sure that they have the most wonderful baby in the world. Ahem.)

I’ve missed passing on too many Ngaire stories to catch up; plus, I can see your eyes glazing from here. But anyway: this evening, while I was heating up food for the baby and she was sitting in her high chair, the Husbandlet and I started doing a bit of tae kwon do sparring. The Squid thought that was the most hilarious thing in the world … she regaled us with peals of laughter. Of course, this inspired us to further violence, which received further giggles. The Husbandlet: “Mommy and Daddy are fighting again.” Me: “Yes, Ngaire, we’re only doing it to make you feel secure.”


At 10:33 AM, Anonymous Outraged said...

Your excuses are futile, I have stopped reading your blog entirely out of severe deprivation and disappointment. In fact, I cannot sufficiently express how I feel in this format and will have to email you further vitriol.
Love and kisses, Mary


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