The Pregnant Waddle

Pre-Pregnancy Weight Just Around the Corner (It's Trying to Run and Hide)

Friday, July 21, 2006

One year old!

Ngaire turned one on Tuesday. I arrived home after my wild Highland adventure on Monday night, so the first she saw of me was when I got her up on Tuesday morning. I was afraid there would be blank stares or tears, but instead she smiled, said, “Hm,” and lunged for my breast.

There were presents to be opened in the morning and a small piece of cheesecake to be eaten after dinner. I broke a few small bits off the tip of the piece for her to try; she ate them with her usual inquiring look and seemed to approve. When I turned around to get the camera, she crammed the rest of the piece in her mouth.

Since the cake lacked frosting, I put a dab of Nutella on her nose for the obligatory messy-faced baby shots. She seemed rather confused by this. Most of the Nutella-nose was for me, of course, but I did share a little with her.

On Tuesday, Ngaire, climbing onto my lap, used her hands and teeth (attached to my pant leg) as leverage.

On Wednesday, she walked all the way across the living room all by herself! She also figured out the Play button on the DVD remote by hitting it accidentally, and then studying the remote to find which button she had hit, and then hitting it repeatedly.

She loves to walk back and forth across the length of the house, towing an adult by one finger. She has also realized that books are for more than just eating, and will now sit quietly being read to, or giggling madly while Daddy reads her Moo, Baa, La La La! Today, I was sitting on the living room floor, and she brought the book over to me and crawled into my lap. She can’t get enough of being tickled or swung about by her arms. Her babbling is definitely polysyllabic now, full of whispering noises and many different consonants. She will sit and play with a board book for ages, turning its pages and talking to herself.

Yesterday, I bought her two pairs of shoes at Chez Wal-Mart, and this morning we broke one pair in on a walk on our street. Ngaire happily towed me around, stopping every so often to examine something more closely, and then she got tired and reached up to be picked up. I’m certainly enjoying every stage of her life, but this particular one has lots to recommend it.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Leaving on a jet plane

Well, if the good Lord is willing, the creeks don't rise, AND my passport arrives via FedEx by noon as expected, I'm off to Scotland till Monday. The Squid and the Husbandlet will remain behind, in the care of my mother-in-law. And I will miss them very much.

See you next week!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006


Yesterday, Ngaire took three consecutive steps to Daddy.

We are currently trying to finish a two-year-long bathroom remodel project. The Husbandlet has been scraping, leveling, and priming the cement floor in the bathroom, and he is now putting down new and improved linoleum. Then all we have left to do is some detail painting and tiling around the shower and putting up a couple of shelves above the toilet. Also, the toilet needs to be re-installed after the Husbandlet finishes the linoleum. The toilet has been uninstalled since yesterday. We are a one-bathroom family.

Last night's conversation:
Me: "If I'm very, very good, do you think I can maybe someday have a toilet?"
The Husbandlet: "Well, I've got you covered for our anniversary and Christmas, so I guess you'll have to wait till your birthday."

We have found a ton of wild blackberries growing near our house. This has led to rampant berry-picking. Ngaire is generally patient being set on the ground where we can keep an eye on her grass-stroking and gravel-tasting while we pick. So far, we've harvested lots of berries, and Ngaire a) has not met with any misfortune, and b) seems to like the taste of gravel.

This evening, I baked my first cheesecakes. They are to go under blackberries.

Also and finally:
Ngaire has learned to turn herself in a complete circle using her heels, while seated on the floor. She has also learned to punch buttons ... we had to hold her back from the debit card scanner thingy at Wal-Mart today. She's sleeping now, for which I'm grateful, as three sprouting upper teeth have made today an angst-ridden one.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Early signs of an (admittedly warranted) suspicious personality

Ngaire has discovered that she can open the bottom left drawer of the Husbandlet's desk. When first she accomplished this, she discovered to her delight that the drawer contains instruction manuals, which, as we all know, are made of paper. An openable drawer filled with paper to fling and gnaw is one of Ngaire's ideas of heaven. (Another is being tickled by Daddy while nursing.)

Since we object to having the manuals completely destroyed--not to mention feeling some concern about the effects of that much ink and paper chemicals on the Squid--we tend to rescue the papers shortly after the flinging stage, early into the gnawing. The Squid patiently accepts that her lot in life to achieve a goal, only to have the fruits of her labor ripped from her hands, and, as often as not, find herself swooping up into the air in the grasp of one or other of her parents.

This afternoon, Ngaire had crawled over to the drawer, opened it, and begun to fling, when she realized that one of the papers in there was rippable. Rippable! And chewable! I saw a torn piece of paper making its way to a round mouth via a plump little hand, and started over to begin the detachment/swooping process.

Ngaire saw me coming and (I kid not) flung herself over the paper, shielding it with her body.