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Tuesday, July 04, 2006


Yesterday, Ngaire took three consecutive steps to Daddy.

We are currently trying to finish a two-year-long bathroom remodel project. The Husbandlet has been scraping, leveling, and priming the cement floor in the bathroom, and he is now putting down new and improved linoleum. Then all we have left to do is some detail painting and tiling around the shower and putting up a couple of shelves above the toilet. Also, the toilet needs to be re-installed after the Husbandlet finishes the linoleum. The toilet has been uninstalled since yesterday. We are a one-bathroom family.

Last night's conversation:
Me: "If I'm very, very good, do you think I can maybe someday have a toilet?"
The Husbandlet: "Well, I've got you covered for our anniversary and Christmas, so I guess you'll have to wait till your birthday."

We have found a ton of wild blackberries growing near our house. This has led to rampant berry-picking. Ngaire is generally patient being set on the ground where we can keep an eye on her grass-stroking and gravel-tasting while we pick. So far, we've harvested lots of berries, and Ngaire a) has not met with any misfortune, and b) seems to like the taste of gravel.

This evening, I baked my first cheesecakes. They are to go under blackberries.

Also and finally:
Ngaire has learned to turn herself in a complete circle using her heels, while seated on the floor. She has also learned to punch buttons ... we had to hold her back from the debit card scanner thingy at Wal-Mart today. She's sleeping now, for which I'm grateful, as three sprouting upper teeth have made today an angst-ridden one.


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By the way, if you are ever in need of cheesecake recipes, I highly recommend They have every kind of recipe you could think of... I think. ;-)

Love, Neb


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