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Thursday, August 24, 2006

As it turns out

Ngaire didn't have the stomach flu.

She threw up in her carseat again two days later. (Her OTHER carseat.) I thought, "Oh NO, she's starting to get carsick." The Husbandlet is much prone to carsickness. I was not pleased to see this manifesting itself in our progeny.

Then, the next day, she threw up in her stroller. After which, we caught her in the act of GAGGING HERSELF. That's right: my sweet, dainty darling has been whiling away the dull moments of being strapped in a seat against her will by sticking her fingers down her throat and making herself vomit.

So I'm back in the backseat next to her these days, to keep her little fingers from venturing too deeply into her mouth. She seems more inclined to engage in such wickedness when she is tired and frustrated; the ride in to the sitter's in the mornings has so far provoked no vomit.

Also? The wisdom teeth, they came out yesterday. As he shot me up with sleepy drugs, the oral surgeon said, "You're a teacher; hope you don't lose any wisdom when the teeth came out." I said, "Maybe you should put a few extras in, instead." Then I passed out. I'm feeling generally OK today; not too chipmunk-like or anything, though I am getting a bit sick of pudding.

I'm back at work in staff development this week, Ngaire is back in daycare, and the Husbandlet is plugging away at his clam action. All is well.


At 9:09 PM, Blogger Neb said...

*hugs and well wishes for a fast-healing mouth*



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