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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Fall cleaning

Today, I gave our living room possibly the most thorough cleaning it’s had since we remodeled it last summer. I washed the floor. I even dusted. I don't usually do that. At one point, Ngaire took the dust rag away from me and started running it over our coffee table. Then she tried to eat the rag. I don't usually do that either.

In another stunning moment of coordination, Ngaire managed to lift a full glass of water off a TV tray—at eye level for her—without spilling it. She even started to drink out of it, and it was only then that she dropped it. The glass survived. The floor got an auxiliary backup washing (see above paragraph).

In my cleaning, I ran across tons of spider poop on our floor. I am fairly certain that my educational background has well prepared me for cleaning up spider poop.* But … who knew that something so small could excrete so much?

The Husbandlet is currently bravely plugging away at Phase XXXVIII of our Bathroom Remodel Project (est. June 2004). On the positive side, after tonight, the toilet shouldn’t have to come out again. On the negative, neither will we be completely finished with the remodel. Since we’re planning to put this house on the market this spring or summer, there is some doubt as to whether we will actually finish fixing up the place before it’s time to move. I find that my goals for our accomplishments have become far less lofty in the last two years … much less “Complete overhaul! With a smile!” and much more “Um, hey, at least the drains work, generally.”

Continuing the wild whirl that is my life, I’m off next week for a few days to visit my college roomie and suitie (suitemate) and their spouses and external and internal children. AND, get this, next Thursday I’ll see an oral surgeon about maybe getting my wisdom teeth removed. I’m in a hurry to do this, if it’s necessary at all, before September, for a couple of reasons, not the least of which being (a) the fact that I’ll be teaching again in September, and (b) a perverse desire to wreak as much havoc on my mouth as possible all at once. The gum graft went all too smoothly and painlessly, so I need to try again. This summer will be remembered as The Period of Much Traveling and Oral Surgery.

Ngaire waves bye-bye (she’s getting better at curling all her fingers at once).

* The question is, can one ever have too much education to clean up spider poop?


At 1:26 AM, Blogger Nate said...

One who recognizes spider poop already has too much education :)


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