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Saturday, September 09, 2006

I have NOT disappeared from the face of the earth

I’ve just gone back to work. I suppose there’s a difference.

Ngaire has so many new tricks that I’m going to talk about them first, lest I forget even more of them than I’ve already forgotten. First off, as of August 30, she’s been weaned.* I had to go on a round of antibiotics that stated quite firmly on the instructions, “DO NOT BREASTFEED WHILE TAKING THIS.” And I had to take it for seven days. So I figured, well, I could always start nursing her again, but then we’d have to go through the whole weaning process again later, and she WAS 13 and a half months old. So now the Husbandlet gets her in the morning and gives her a bottle, snuggling in bed with him, while I get myself ready. Then I wake them up and dress and play with the Squid a bit before we leave for work, while the Husbandlet readies himself for the day. This system seems to be working just fine; I enjoy the extra time to myself in the mornings and the Husbandlet claims to enjoy the Squid snuggles. The weaning process itself has been mostly smooth. Two nights ago, when my PJ’s brushing against my chest nearly drove me to tears, I broke out the breast pump, but other than that I haven’t been too uncomfortable. Ngaire has only asked to nurse a few times, and only twice with the piteous cries and clutchings at the boobies, which was fairly heart-wrenching but seemed to pass quickly.

She is getting more words all the time. She now says Daddy, Mama, baba (for bottle), hi, baby, deeky (for binky), please, and thank you, and she signs “All done” when she’s finished eating. She is trying so hard to talk, and it’s really neat being able to communicate with her a bit more and have her communicate back.

She’s quite imitative … today she spent quite a while walking around the house holding her little wooden phone to her ear and babbling into it. The walking while on the phone she gets from her daddy. The constant talking on the phone she gets from me.

She gives lovely baby kisses if we offer our cheeks and ask nicely, and she wraps her little arms around us and gives real hugs.

She has recently developed the stellar talent of falling back asleep if, after falling asleep in her carseat, she is wakened and moved into her crib. This means that Mommy and Daddy can occasionally have a later night out.

As for me … the first week of work went really well. I feel like I’ve finally gotten the hang of this teaching thing in the sense that I’m feeling fully satisfied with my performance. Ironically, this is likely to be my last year of teaching for awhile. That Murphy and his laws. However, by the end of the year, I will certainly be ready to take a good long break from the studentlets.

The Husbandlet has been tremendously busy with schooly/worky things plus an ear infection. In some ways, I think settling into the routine of me going to work/him finishing up the field season and settling in to write his dissertation will actually be rather restful for us. Especially if there are no more infections of any kind (I myself have had five infections of a variety of types this summer, and to the barrier method of birth control which we have been using and which I blame for ALL of said infections, I can only say: Feh).

In less intimate news, I just finished reading Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell, and I highly, highly recommend it. I found it a deeply satisfying book. It’s a bit of Jane-Austen-meets-Tolkien, if you can imagine that, but the modern novel I’d most closely compare it to is Possession, and from me that’s high praise. If you pick it up, though, be forwarned: it’s very, very, very long.

OK. Going to bed now. I’ll try not to let so much time elapse before posting again … don’t want to disappoint my vast readership, of course.

* Ngaire's last breastfeeding, though I didn't realize that's what it was at the time, occurred some time after her bedtime, when she woke up screaming. Normally we just wait and she finds her binky and goes back to sleep, but this time she kept crying, so I went in and nursed her one more time. Now I am so very glad that I did so, that I got one bonus opportunity to cuddle and feed her and feel her little warm, limp body in my arms. Sweet Boo.


At 12:03 PM, Blogger Nate said...

Punish your method with a bleach bath, or some other nasty tretment. (But don't punish yourself-- rinse.)

At 8:56 PM, Anonymous peter said...

Um, yeah.

On to JS & MN. Fabulous! Wicked! To unceremoniously drop a cat three stories--in a footnote, to wit!--is a feat rarely attempted in contemporary fiction. I rate it as on a par with the "Mussolini attempts to shoot the cat that shat in his helmet" performance from Corelli's Mandolin (Chapter 2, for those who wish to encounter the Duce in his ill-tempered fury).

At 9:09 PM, Blogger Jordana said...

Nate--would that it were so easy. I would bleach MYSELF if it were so easy.

Peter--how right you are. Though you do rather unfortunately remind me of my disappointment in said Mandolin booky.


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