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Saturday, September 16, 2006


Inspired (sadly) by the recent death of an elderly man at our church, the Husbandlet and I had the following irreverent conversation on the way to work this morning:

Him: Funerals are expensive. When I die, donate my body to science, after you take out all the organs that could do anybody any good. Or wrap me in a sheet and bury me in the backyard, and plant some interesting tree over me.

Me: Just not a mango tree. (The Husbandlet is allergic to mangoes.)

Him: Yeah, it might make the tree break out with some sort of weird rash.

Me: The mangoes would have this unidentifiable growth on their skins.

Him: No, donate me to VMRC.

Me: To what?

Him: I just gave you the wrong letters. I meant to say VCU. It’s a medical research center. VMRC is the Virginia Marine Resource Commission.

Me: “I don’t know why he wanted me to give you his body, but it’s here in his will! Do you know what to do with it? I don’t know what to do with it!”

Him: “Break out the meat grinder, Bubba! We’re feeding the crabs!”

Me: Yuck!

Him: Well, what else would they do with me?

Me: Prop you in a desk chair and just say you’ve got tenure.


At 8:45 AM, Blogger Neb said...

That was awesomely funny. Thanks for sharing. :-D

At 1:47 PM, Blogger Alysia said...

Recommend for husbandlet:

"Stiff: the Curious Lives of Human Cadavers" by Mary Roach

- Unfortunate last name, that. But a fascinating read, nonetheless.


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