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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Ngaire says "Hi!" and a whole lot of other things, too

Ngaire is a chatterbox. She says, "Hi!" whenever she or anyone else turns on the phone (as well as dragging her very non-mobile wooden phone around behind her while babbling into the handset). She says, "Hhhhhot!" often in a whisper, around ovens, mugs of hot tea, and food fresh out of the microwave; she even blows on the food to cool it. She amused her sitter mightily by choosing a book, crawling into a chair, opening it, and reading it out loud to everyone.

On the topic of books, the Husbandlet left for a three-day conference on Sunday. I snagged the Boo and a book to distract her from his departure, and sure enough, she curled up quite happily in my lap all unknowing that Daddy was currently pulling out of the driveway. But when the book was over, she slid out of my lap, chose another book, and went trotting into our bedroom to get Daddy to read to her. She stopped in the doorway, looking for him. Then she wandered into the middle of the room and, as the truth hit her, burst into tears.

Did I tell this story to the Husbandlet later to make him feel guilty? Why yes I did.

The Husbandlet and I have had Words in the past on the topic of appropriate methods of wiping spilt food off the floor. The Husbandlet like(s)(ed) to use my dish sponge. He does not use my dish sponge anymore. However, shortly after the Husbandlet left the other day, I was distracted from dishwashing by a clingy and emotionally fragile Squid (see: Daddy's departure, above) and set my sponge on the edge of the counter, within reach of the Squid (did I mention that she can now retrieve objects off countertops and tables? She can). Later, I went into the kitchen to find the Squid carefully wiping the floor with my sponge. No secret who her daddy is.

We are home today because the Squid woke me up twice in the night with very dramatic gagging noises (and very small amounts of vomit). She wasn't running a temperature this morning and hasn't thrown up again, but she does seem a bit under the weather and I am taking the day off to look after her (and do some cleansing of various sheets), rather than oh-so-generously passing her tummy bug around the day care. Incidentally, since I am the official diaper changer around the house (poopy diapers make the Husbandlet vomit), the Husbandlet is the official vomit dealer-with. And he's out of town (see above). They are out to get me.

On a more serious note, after the second vomit incident, around 5 a.m., I went into the Boo's room and held her for a while whilst she slept. As I felt her little limbs twitch, I was struck with the fact that there was nothing I'd rather be doing in the world than holding my sleeping sick daughter. Mommyhood does funny things to you. In my former life, you couldn't have paid me enough to sit under a little person who might suddenly shower me with stomach acid. I'd far rather have been off accomplishing great things in the world of English literature. I'm still all about the literature, but motherhood has reformated my priorities. My baby likes to turn her face into my neck and tuck her arms under mine. She toddles up to me with a book in her outstretched hand and a huge questioning smile on her face. She flings herself into my arms and snuggles close. I could give up anything, make any sacrifice for her, serve her in any way, and never see it as a burden or a loss.


At 8:54 PM, Blogger Mary said...

MEN! and the dish sponge! Do you think it is a m-i-l conspiracy to drive us nuts? I will rebel!

At 10:07 PM, Blogger Nate said...

We have our own dish sponge arguments around here, completely different, but I won't get into that. We do both agree it's not a floor sponge.

"Hot" was my first word. Your wee one is probably well on the way to nerddom. But as you already mentioned, her daddy is no secret, so we all knew it would be coming ;)


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