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Thursday, September 28, 2006


I am so done with it.

I picked up Ngaire's flu bug yesterday. I was able to make it through my classes, but I started throwing up during my planning period. This joyful turn of events continued through the evening. By 8:45, I had thrown up toenails from several years back and was fantasizing about cold drinks, none of which I could hold down. The wonderful Husbandlet abandoned a hot dinner (his) to fetch 7Up (mine), a.k.a. Necter and Ambrosia, and that finally stayed put. There was much rejoicing.

Then this morning, we awoke to Ngaire's pitiful weeping. The Husbandlet finally went in to check on her, only to find her--you guessed it--covered with vomit, after going 41 hours (yes, I counted) vomit-free. So there we were, a little before 5 a.m., showering the Squid and conducting triage on her crib. Fortunately, that has been the only vomit-related incident of the day. We are hoping this trend will continue.

May the Husbandlet continue uninfected.


At 7:02 PM, Anonymous That other Jordana said...

I'm so sorry. Those days of vomit are so miserable, especially when you get the bug too.

At 9:50 PM, Anonymous peter said...

Were they your toenails? I'm only asking because a former room-/housemate said that one time when he was visiting his grandparents' house he opened a kitchen drawer...

At 4:28 PM, Blogger Neb said...

Hugs {:-)} Feel better soon, Longlets!!


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