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Sunday, October 15, 2006

A very silly girl

Ngaire likes us to (speed) read her a Sandra Boynton book called Snoozers, which ends with a Very Silly Song. The last line of this song is, “It’s time to say Achoo!”

So, the other morning, Ngaire was reading me this book as I changed her diaper, and when she got to that page, she started babble-singing. I joined in and sang her the song. After I finished, she gave me a huge smile and said, “AH-chee!”

Now the Squid has trained her daddy and me to make utter fools of ourselves in yet another way, as we sing the song at every opportunity, leaving it hanging with, “It’s time to say—” and pausing in hopes that the Squid will chime in, “AH-chee!” She often does.


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