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Pre-Pregnancy Weight Just Around the Corner (It's Trying to Run and Hide)

Thursday, December 21, 2006

New digs

This post brought to to you by Marvin and husbandlet.

Well, folks, I’ve finally caved to the pressures of my school’s firewall. I can’t access anything Blogger at all now, so I’m moving. I’ll keep this site up for the archives, of course, but for new content (as far as THAT goes), you can now find me at (got your pencils ready? #2 is preferred!)

WordPress is accessible at work, so I just may start posting more often … you never know. (And hopefully this particular bit of writing isn’t being monitored by Them, or I may disappear again. They are out to get me. Obviously.)

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Ah-ha moments

Student: How come we have to write every little sentence out?
Me: Because I like to torture you.
Student: Figures.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Late/Exhausted (i.e., it's 8:30 p.m. and this mama is ready for sleepytime)

A few bullet points:

* That whole thing about not feeling quite so sick this time around? I spoke too soon. End of the first trimester, I cannot wait to know you.

* Ngaire now speaks in two-word sentences, as in, “Hi, truck!” “Hi, Daddy!” and “Hi, kitty!” She greets everyone she passes with a delighted “Hi!” … even dashing into other rooms to greet and re-greet the chosen ones. Also, if you ask her what a cat says, she replies "Mrrr" in a very convincingly catlike manner.

* In other Ngaire news, the Squid now has a cold. She barks. She is a Barking Squid.

* In non-Ngaire news, it just started to rain. Earlier, I left the door of our storage shed open so the place could air out a bit. Do you think I just ran out to close it? Surely you jest. The Husbandlet did the frolicking honors, just as it should be.

* I wish I had an interesting school story for you, but everyone’s been especially dull of late. Including self.

* So I’ll close in the hope that a picture truly is worth a thousand words:

Daddy and his Mini Me. In answer to your question, no, no, she really doesn't look like me at all.